Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple iPhone Event -- iPhone 5 or not?

Just hours away from the most anticipated "Let's talk iPhone" event. Everyone in the world is eager to know what's next on Apple's iPhone. So let's talk about the rumors and what to expect from the presentation.

iOS 5

The next version of iOS is coming, that's for sure. But we're not sure of the availability of the download. The feature that everyone is excited about is Assistant. It's not just voice recognition, it's artificial intelligence. You'll be able to command your phone to do everyday tasks, and your phone will be able to talk back to you. Now ain't that cool! Unfortunately, Assistant requires the new and more powerful A5 processor. Which leads us to the next release of the iPhone.

iPhone 4S

Gizmodo is betting that this is the next iPhone. And rumor has it that it is the cheaper version as well. They say that iPhone 4S is just the updated iPhone 4 with a spec bump. It will sport a new A5 processor and possibly more RAM. And if you guys are thinking that there will be an iPhone 5, don't count on it. Most probably that's not true. There's also a fake email roaming around regarding iPhone 5. Please be aware that this email will unintentionally install a nasty Trojan to your PC. 

So there you go folks. I'm not sure if the event will launch new versions of iPod, but it did say "Let's talk iPhone" so let's forget about it for now. And I'm not sure either if Steve Jobs himself will grace the said event. We'll never know for sure.

Since Apple doesn't allow live video streaming during the keynote, you can just follow Engadget's liveblog for the said event.


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