Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lookout for iPhone now available FREE from the App Store!

Lookout unites complete security and privacy protection in a simple yet powerful app. Whether you’re concerned about a network connection, wondering about the security of the software on your phone, or have suddenly lost track of your iPhone, Lookout has you covered. You can always rely on Lookout to protect your phone and your personal information. Lookout for iPhone includes:

Missing Device. Lookout can quickly find your lost or stolen phone on a map and sound a loud alarm to find it nearby – even if it’s set on silent and stuck in the couch cushions!

Security. Never before could you keep your iPhone  safe and secure with a single app. Lookout walks you through a few simple steps to protect your privacy and secure your iPhone.

System Advisor notifies you of iPhone settings or software that could put your privacy at risk. Lookout tells you if your iPhone software is out-of-date, which could mean you are missing recent fixes to security vulnerabilities. It also lets you know if your iPhone is “Jailbroken“ which could leave you more susceptible to security threats.

Location Services enable you to take control of your privacy by showing you which apps can access your location, helping you make more informed decisions about the apps you download and keep.

WiFi Security warns you if you connect to an unsecured WiFi network to ensure that you don’t expose sensitive personal data like passwords or account information.

Backup & Restore. With Lookout, your contacts are automatically backed up no matter where you are. Over-the-air backup means that your contacts are always safe – even when you haven’t had time to sync your iPhone. You can view your data on the secure Lookout website at any time and restore your data to the same iPhone or a new iPhone, other smartphone or iPad.

Management. Lookout for iPhone can help you keep tabs on all of your important mobile devices – from your iPhone or iPad to an Android phone or tablet – all from a single, easy to use dashboard on our secure website.

Lookout Mobile Security is now available for download in the App Store for FREE!



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