Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nokia Windows Phones Lumia Series Officially Announced!

Lumia 800
The day has come when Nokia finally announce their first 2 Windows Phone handsets. The Nokia Windows Phone Lumia Series. Lumia is the term coined by 20th Century Artist Thomas Wilfred to refer to art created from light (from Wikipedia). Let's take a look at these handsets and see if we will see the light.

The first Windows Phone handset announced is the Lumia 800. Nokia calls it as "the first real Windows Phone." But it surely resembles the Nokia N9. Although they may look the same outside, they're totally different inside. Let's check out this table from Engadget comparing the two devices.

As you can see, they're totally two different devices. I'll let you do the comparison while we checkout the next Lumia handset.
Lumia 710

The other Windows Phone handset announced is the Lumia 710. They practically have the same specs except the screen type, internal storage, camera and battery. Lumia 710 will be priced around $375 (around P16,XXX) while the Lumia 800 will be priced around $585 (around P25,XXX).

Both handsets will incorporate features only available to Nokia Windows Phone. Such features are Nokia Drive, Nokia Music, ESPN Sports Hub and a 25GB of free Skydrive space. Did I mention that both handset will support MicroSIM card only.

The new Nokia Lumia handsets are now available in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. Availability to other countries will soon to follow.

Want to know more about these handsets? Check out Nokia UK for more information!


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